New Club Offers HOT Ideas for Service and Fund-raising

  • January 26, 2011

New Club Offers HOT Ideas for Service and Fund-raising

One of Quota’s newest clubs—Quota International of Coral Springs-Parkland, Florida, U.S.A.—is full of energy and enthusiasm. From fun fund-raisers to exciting service, this club is RED HOT!

Florida's Red Hot Mamas!

The Quota club of Coral Springs-Parkland chartered April 27, 2002. Later that year, the group presented a sizzling fashion show that raised more than U.S.$2,800 for club service. Its theme: the Red Hot Mommas!

A fashion show featuring red dresses from club member Annie Hardin’s clothing store, Addictions, plus cocktails, lunch, prizes, and entertainment attracted 90 people to the club’s first fund-raiser. The club proudly introduced the crowd to six men who joined the club and are now known as The Red Hot Poppas!

The Coral Springs-Parkland Quota club includes six members who are men: (from left) Radcliffe Getten, Richard Fetchik, Anthony Cannone, Gene Hardin, George Dotson, and Bill Ammann.

The successful fashion fund-raiser helped the brand new Florida club initiate exciting community service when they sponsored a youth soccer team! The move helped local kids learn sportsmanship and got word out about the new service club in town.

  • For details on the Coral Springs-Parkland club’s soccer team, click here.
  • For more on the Coral Springs-Parkland Quota club’s efforts to promote awareness of hearing problems, click here.
  • The Coral Springs-Parkland club won third place in the We Share Foundation’s 2003 International Photo Contest. To view the club’s winning photo, click here.
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