Mississippi Gulf Coast’s Seafood Success

  • January 26, 2011

Mississippi Gulf Coast’s Seafood Success

Busy schedules and different lifestyles were no roadblock for the members of the Mississippi Gulf Coast club determined to hold a successful fund-raiser. Although active, the club, located in Mississippi, U.S.A., found it difficult to coordinate major events because of different schedules. The Quotarians recognized the problem and set their sights on a solution. “We needed the ability to work individually, at our own pace, at our own time,” said past club president Vicki Miller, now governor of District 21.

They found their answer in the Gulf Coast’s thriving seafood restaurant industry and its members’ relationships with owners and managers of those restaurants. Club members collected complimentary meal certificates from 12 restaurants and assembled them into one grand prize: “Dinner for Every Month” for a year. A local printer donated tickets to the fund-raiser, named Dine-A-Bout, making it a low-expense initiative that every member could participate in.

Each Quotarian was responsible for selling a minimum of 20 tickets, but was challenged to sell more. A friendly competition grew among them, but the pressure of coordinating different schedules was alleviated. They could sell at their own pace, when they had time, and they chose to hold the fund-raiser during the holiday season, when they could sell tickets at Christmas parties, family gatherings, and other events. Separately, they each worked toward a common goal.

By the time the fund-raiser ended, the club had raised $3,100. On top of that, it had established relationships with 13 different businesses in the area—the printer and local restaurants—and had the opportunity to share Quota’s mission with the hundreds of people to whom members sold tickets. Together, these Quotarians proved that with cooperation and commitment, any club can turn an obstacle into a success.

“It would be easy for any size club to copy this concept and adapt it to their community,” said Vicki. “Most businesses appreciate the publicity and welcome the opportunity to help a worthy cause.”

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