Liverpool Quota Club Listens to Community Needs

  • January 26, 2011

Liverpool Quota Club Listens to Community Needs

The Liverpool Quota club in New South Wales, Australia, listens to the needs of their community—and responds with service that makes a difference.

When baby Sara was born with hearing impairment in Liverpool, doctors recommended hearing aids. But the pricey devices were beyond the means of her parents, Iranian refugees living in Australia under temporary protection visas and ineligible for government medical benefits. Liverpool Quota came to the family’s rescue with a set of hearing aids and a new world of sound for Sara. Notes past club president Betty Bennett (pictured here with Sara and her mother), “Our club was very pleased to be able to make this family’s life a little easier.”

When club members discovered that the Liverpool area suffers New South Wales’ highest rate of diabetes, the club planned an awareness campaign in response. Medical firms, researchers, hospital diabetic units, Diabetes Australia, eye specialists, podiatrists, and fresh food suppliers gathered for the Quota Diabetes Expo to inform Liverpuddlians of the symptoms, causes, effects, and treatment of the disease.

Extensive publicity attracted large crowds for the day-long event, including lectures from renowned Australian doctors, a formal luncheon suitable for diabetics, a fashion show, raffles, and plenty of information about the disease and about Quota International. Profits from the money-making events were donated to local hospitals to purchase insulin monitoring equipment.

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