Incentives Increase Club Spirit

  • January 26, 2011

Incentives Increase Club Spirit

The Atascadero Quota club in California, U.S.A., generates healthy camaraderie among members with an annual recognition ceremony for outstanding contributors to the club.

Members look forward each year to the naming of the club’s “Quotarian of the Year”—someone who works hard to keep the club running well. When winner Peggy Cote passed on the award plaque to her successor, she noted Corresponding Secretary Sylvia Biddle’s quiet dedication:

“She’s always working behind the scenes. She does so many things we aren’t even aware of: taking minutes, getting the programs together, making tickets, brochures, invitations, and whatever is needed for instruction. She has graciously opened her home for any social function, and we’ve had a lot of nice ones at her house! She’s a true Quotarian, never looking for recognition, but only doing the best for Quota.”

Another highly anticipated award goes to a club friend who offers outstanding assistance but is not a club member. The Good Egg Award receives an egg trophy to keep throughout the year and then pass along to the next recipient. Member spouses are often winners of this coveted award.

The club also recognizes perfect meeting attendance with certificates and applause.

This California club has celebrated member success for decades. The gratitude of leaders for member contributions and participation keeps clubs, like Atascadero, healthy and strong.

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