Have a Meal on Quota

  • January 26, 2011

Have a Meal on Quota

When a Huntington, West Virginia, U.S.A., pediatric oncologist told his wife about a need he recognized in their community, she enlisted her Quota club to help.

The cancer specialist noticed the families of his patients were drained by the demands of cancer treatment and waiting in hospitals for long periods of time. When he mentioned the sad situation to his wife, Sandra Pendleton, she brought it up at her Quota club, then lined up some guest speakers to address the issue.

A local couple shared with the club the story of their struggles in having a child diagnosed with cancer. “It was actually something the father said during his presentation that got us all thinking about how we could help the families of these patients,” explains past club president Diana Dolin.

The Huntington club decided to find ways to bring these families a touch of Quota caring and ease their emotional and financial stress. The club purchased new toys and games for the hospital’s pediatric oncology department and set up a way for families to dine out.

Restaurant Vouchers

The Huntington club solicited several local eateries to join in the effort, and the restaurants agreed to match Quota’s donations dollar for dollar. The club created meal vouchers, which hospital staff offers to weary families. Families submit the vouchers with the bill at participating restaurants, and the Huntington Quota club splits the tab with the restaurant.

“We were fortunate that the participating restaurants matched our donations and that the social workers and nurses at the hospital were so willing to work with us,” Diana says. “Their involvement made it so much easier to get the programs started. They are the ones who make sure the parents receive the certificates.”

Diana says “Have a Meal on Quota” brings unexpected comfort to families in need. “Many of these parents are so emotionally and financially drained that a nice meal at a local restaurant means so much to them. And the project has meant so much to our club members. It’s been very rewarding.”

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