Great Fund-raising Ideas from the Quota Grapevine

  • January 26, 2011

Great Fund-raising Ideas from the Quota Grapevine

Here are some great fund-raising tips that Quota members have shared with us!

  • When stores are “Going Out of Business,” suggest that your club sell their leftover and throw-away items in the parking lot and keep the cash for service.
  • When publicizing a club fund-raiser, always remember to mention the service goal of the event.
  • Set a dollar amount to reach in every fund-raiser that includes costs and profits.
  • Before yard sales, place a photo of items for sale (perhaps heaped in the back of a truck) in the local newspaper to spark interest among customers.

Jean Borgatti, a member of the Worcester Quota club in Massachusetts, U.S.A., offers ideas from other organizations in her community that could work for a Quota club:

  • A Hospice program annually sells memorial ornaments during the holidays. The group bulk mails order forms to a list of supporters and makes forms available in various locations throughout the community. Donors pay $10 to hang a simple porcelain dove or heart on one of the Christmas trees displayed in the local mall and other area businesses. A list of those memorialized by the ornaments is displayed next to the trees. Just before Christmas, donors may pick up the ornaments for use in their own homes. Because the ornament design remains the same each year, donors rarely pick them up after their initial participation in the fund-raiser, and large numbers of ornaments can be recycled.
  • A music association “flocks” lawns with 20 plastic flamingoes for a donation of $25. For 24 hours, the wacky fuchsia birds attract attention to a sign proclaiming the resident’s support of the cause and encourage others to join in the fun, flocking their friends and neighbors.
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