Fund-raising Idea Spreads from Suriname to Rotterdam

  • January 26, 2011

Fund-raising Idea Spreads from Suriname to Rotterdam

Quota members from the Rotterdam club in the Netherlands knew a good fund-raising idea when they saw it in Suriname—and they brought the idea home to try. The result was a minor success with a major learning curve.

Inspired by QI of Suriname’s successful annual “Men Cook Out,” Rotterdam Quota members organized a similar food festival in which they recruited male friends and family members to cook to raise service money.

While the helpers were loyal, the food delicious, and the ambiance wonderful, the planning committee learned several lessons in the process that will help all clubs in implementing other clubs’ successful projects in their own communities:

  • Begin by generating enthusiasm within the club for the service project; unless everyone is excited about the idea, the planning committee will have a hard time creating a successful event.
  • Recruit more helping hands than you think you need.
  • Publicize the event heavily to attract a large crowd.
  • Charge prices that make the event worth the time and effort demanded of volunteers.

Notes club member Yvonne Groh, “When the moment for our Mannen koken voor Quota arrived, the sun was shining brightly, the location was excellent, and it all looked very nice. We wanted to make a simple start, meaning that we had to be able to handle things.”

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