For Success in Quota, Generate Enthusiasm

  • January 26, 2011

For Success in Quota, Generate Enthusiasm

The Quota club of West Memphis, Arkansas, U.S.A., acted on a GREAT IDEA to make filling committee jobs easier in their club. During the installation of then-incoming Club President Betty Nooner, club members enjoyed a thoughtful but lively look at club operations that generated enthusiasm and increased camaraderie among members.

The presentation, called “The Quota Teamwork Road to Success,” included descriptions of all club duties and underscored each job’s significance in the club’s overall effectiveness. Members were reassured that each job in the club makes a difference and contributes to the success of other club jobs.

“The idea was so well thought out and presented with such enthusiasm that it has our entire club working with this theme in mind on all of our projects,” says Past President Betty. The illustrations offered, duties described, and explanations of how important each office is to our club were all so meaningful. After that, each person I approached to chair a committee never hesitated for a second before saying, ‘Yes, I will chair that committee.'”

Betty says it is wonderful to see club members so willing to work and ready to help where needed most. “Our members seem to have caught this enthusiasm and are really working and enjoying our projects and our club!”

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