Food Fund-raisers Down Under

  • January 26, 2011

Food Fund-raisers Down Under

Three Quota clubs have developed GREAT IDEAS for raising funds in Australia. One taps into the holiday celebration market, while the others revolve around the breakfast table.

Pudding Prowess in Gloucester

The Gloucester Quota club in New South Wales has earned an excellent reputation in their region for making fabulous Christmas pudding. The lucrative moneymaking effort is sweetened by perfect timing, quality, and collaboration.

For more than a dozen years, club volunteers have made and sold puddings at the local Snowfest. As demand for the product increased, Quota volunteers expanded their operation to cater to special orders as well. The club now sells more than 250 puddings annually for events from festive family dinners to the annual local Shakespeare Festival. The club even prepares special puddings for diabetics.

Club volunteers work in teams over three weekends in December to accomplish the massive task. Puddings are wrapped and delivered by club members to households throughout the region. “These puddings have traveled to other towns and states in Australia and even, on occasion, have been known to travel overseas!” said past club president Lucy Cermon. “This is a very rewarding promotion of Quota International.”

Breakfast of Champions

Canberra Quota members collaborate with local Lions Club members to cook and serve breakfast for ten consecutive days during a local hot air balloon festival in the nation’s capital. Volunteers cover shifts beginning at 5:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Later in the month, the club cooks and serves lunches and teas during the seven-day Sheep Dog Trials in their community.

The Warwick Quota club in Queensland raised money for diabetes research and education with a Mad Hatters Breakfast. Guests poured into Bryson’s Place, owned by a Quota member, for food, fellowship, and fun, highlighted by a contest for best hat. The lively event attracted excellent media coverage in newspapers and on radio and raised a good amount of cash for charity.

At Christmas time, the Warwick club hosts a “Cent Sale,” a lively social event with games and prizes. Club members prepare food for tea, which becomes a time of fellowship and fun as well.

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