Clubs Use Quota Bears for Member Incentives

  • January 26, 2011

Clubs Use Quota Bears for Member Incentives

Quota Cares bears comfort kids in trauma, but two U.S. Quota clubs discovered that the bears are also great tools for fostering fellowship and fun.

QI of Waterloo, Iowa, is well known in their community for service projects faithfully carried out for the past 50 years. When members discovered that their largest local hospital had nothing on hand to comfort distressed children, they decided to launch a new club project that many Quota clubs around the world have found effective—providing Quota Cares bears for hospital and emergency workers to distribute.

Next, the club used the bears to implement two GREAT IDEAS. The annual fund-raising brunch took on a Quota bear theme, with bears decorating each table to remind attendees how their money would be returned to the community. New club recruits were assigned to bear project committees and various jobs at the brunch to help them meet club members and get involved right away.

QI of Santa Maria, California, uses a Quota bear to recognize member achievement. During Convention 2001 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, past club president Vicki Conable bought “an adorable little white Quota bear.” In cleaning her office years later, she rediscovered the critter and came up with a GREAT IDEA—at each club business meeting, a member receives the bear for an outstanding accomplishment from the previous month’s owner.

Club member Mitzi Navarro received the bear for her dedication and attention to detail in organizing the club’s Feed the Homeless project. She passed it on to member Esther Cardenas for standing ready to help with any Quota project. Said Mitzi, “It’s people like Esther who make our group strong.”

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