Christmas Dance in Curaçao

  • January 26, 2011

Christmas Dance in Curaçao

Curaçao Quota members unanimously agree that their annual Christmas celebration at a local orphanage is the highlight of the year. When the club planned the party for children at Villa Maria Orphanage, club members assembled gift packages, food, and lots of goodies; they arranged for a children’s choir to carol; and they hired a professional Santa Claus to visit.

Two days before the big event, Santa called in sick! Rather than disappoint the children, club member Ingebord Campman donned the red suit, stuffed it with a pillow, and belted out her very best “ho ho ho!” for an unforgettable experience. When she entered the room filled with 150 youngsters, Ingebord made eye contact with a delighted little boy. “The sparkles in his eyes were enough to encourage me to go forth!” said Ingebord.

Then Santa asked the boy to join “him” in a Christmas salsa. After the dance, Santa pulled the boy into a big hug, and the boy whispered into her ear, “I usually don’t dance with men, but with that voice and that pillow in your suit, I think it’s O.K.”

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