Celebrating with Service

  • January 26, 2011

Celebrating with Service

Christmas is one of many holidays Quota clubs celebrate through community service. QI of Paris, Tennessee, U.S.A., remembers residents in mental institutions throughout the year. At one state-run facility, the club cheers some 300 residents with cookies for Valentine’s Day and Halloween and candy eggs for Easter. Locally, at a group home for 20 residents, the club provides cookies and stuffed animals for Valentine’s Day; pizza, drinks, and cookies for Halloween; a turkey luncheon for Thanksgiving; and gifts, fruit, and candy for Christmas. “Everyone loves to serve on our club’s Mental Health Committee,” notes past club president Peggy Kemp Owen.

At Christmas, members provide gifts, fruit, and candy for 20 residents of a local group home, and they drive 90 miles from Paris to carol through the halls of Western State Mental Institution, presenting more than 300 goody bags filled with candy, fruit, and crackers to residents there. The club also provides more than 100 wrapped gifts for them to open on Christmas Eve. “Our annual visit is a very emotional day for all of us,” explains Peggy. “The children are so excited and appreciative.”

Now, read how other clubs across Canada and the U.S.A. celebrate service during special holiday moments throughout the year.

Happy Easter!

QI of Southeast Texas, U.S.A., provides more than 50 Easter baskets each year for local foster children and kids with AIDS. Club members arrive with supplies to fill the baskets together during a lively assembly session that generates tremendous fellowship among members. Then, they go together to deliver the baskets to distributing organizations.

Happy Mother’s Day!

QI of Wainwright, Alberta, Canada, raffles a ring for Mother’s Day. Sold to the club at cost by a local jeweler, the popular fund-raiser brings in a substantial sum each year for service; keeps Quota’s name linked to a positive, family-oriented event; and delights one mother in the community with a gorgeous piece of jewelry.

Happy Halloween!

QI of Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A., hosts a Halloween party for New Beginnings, a non-profit program for homeless women with children that provides housing, career counseling, budget planning, and child guidance. Club members decorate, cook dinner, provide music, play games, and present gifts and goody baskets to each child. “We have a great time!” says past club president Anna Giuli.

Happy Holidays!

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