California Club Publishes Member’s Inspirations

  • January 26, 2011

California Club Publishes Member’s Inspirations

The Monrovia-Duarte Quota club in California, U.S.A., raises funds with the inspiring words of member Mary Finkle. Her small paperback booklet, Inspirationals, is a collection of short essays Mary wrote to share at each club meeting. The club printed and assembled the booklet to sell at Quota gatherings.

Here’s a sample:
Create Harmony

Because we are capable, compassionate Quota women, we have much to offer our families, our club, and our community. We are grateful for the opportunity and are open to make changes for the better.

When we embrace simplicity, we realize less is sometimes really more. When we go at our own pace and see the limitations of responsibilities, priorities of time and choices that we need to make, we can take pleasure in our progress, which in turn helps us to bring order to our affairs and create harmony within ourselves.

When business demands and distractions take our strength, let us be careful not to deprive ourselves of what we need most—quiet, reflective time, and time to dream, to think, to decide what is working for us and what is not, so that we can then make changes for the better.

Your steady progress will point out what you have had all along—a belief in yourself.

—Mary Finkle ©2003

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