Biography of a Coathanger

  • January 26, 2011

Biography of a Coathanger

By Jean Milligan
QI of Wynnum-Manly

Once upon a time, a very pretty mauve and lemon lace coathanger lived in the Wynnum-Manly area. It had been lovingly made by one of the local Quota members.

It began its adventure by being donated to the club’s bring-and-buy stall. These are held on a regular basis at the club’s social meetings. A Quotarian purchased it that night. She didn’t need the coathanger, but she thought it was very pretty, and that it might come in handy one day.

The club holds a raffle at each business meeting, so the new owner offered the coathanger as the prize at the next meeting. By the end of the evening, yet another Quotarian found herself the proud owner of the coathanger.

Several times a year, the Quota club runs a stall in the main street of Wynnum. The Quota member who had won the coathanger was too busy to make anything for the upcoming stall, so she donated a few items from her emergency supply of goodies—including the lacy coathanger.

Another Quota member, who was serving on the stall that day, was in the process of making up a basket of pretty things to be auctioned at the club’s annual Hear and Say Auction. She purchased the coathanger, and it joined soaps and moisturizer and a crocheted hand towel in the basket.

At the auction on July 6, another Quota member put in the highest bid, so the coathanger changed hands yet again. The new owner later removed it from the basket and donated it to be used as a prize on a games night.

Although this coathanger has never been used to hang clothes, it doesn’t feel as if it has missed its calling. On the contrary, by continually raising funds for worthwhile causes, it feels important, valuable, and useful. And the members of the Wynnum-Manly are considering making it an honorary Quotarian. I wonder where it will show up next…

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