A Bouquet of Quota Caring

  • January 26, 2011

A Bouquet of Quota Caring

Quota clubs around the world blossom in service to their communities. Many clubs consider it a GREAT IDEA to feature flowers in major club events, too!


Rose shows bring in significant income to Australian Quota clubs in New South Wales. Gardeners compete in a rose show and cocktail party sponsored by QI of Goulburn that generates healthy community spirit as well as nearly Aus.$1,500 for club coffers.

Meanwhile, club members join in the competition in QI of Wagga Wagga’s fledgling annual event, which nets around Aus.$1,000 for club service to a local nursing home. The Wagga Wagga club also partners with the local Rotary Club to sponsor an art show that brings in more than Aus.$11,000 annually!

Geraniums and Carnations…

Two clubs in America’s Midwest sell summer flowers each year. The “Bloomin’ Geranium Sale” brings in more than U.S.$2,000 for QI of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Club members pre-sell the plants and organize the event to coincide with “Administrative Assistants Week,” making recognition for office workers easy for local bosses. In Ohio, QI of Alliance sells carnations in a park booth earning nearly U.S.$5,500 for a day’s work.


Many Australian Quota clubs participate in Daffodil Day, a nationwide fund-raiser for the Cancer Council. QI of Cessnock, New South Wales (pictured above), operates three stalls in their community, selling flowers and gift items that bring in well over Aus.$9,000 for research. “We give our all, regardless of the weather,” says past club president Marcia Maybury. “We get out there and sell, sell, sell, because we have all been touched by cancer.”

Quota clubs of Forster-Tuncurry, New South Wales, (pictured above) and Boonah, Queensland, operate stalls in their communities as well. Members work feverishly to cellophane wrap hundreds of daffodils with filler flowers and greenery and tie each bouquet with a ribbon before sales begin. In addition, clubs create bouquets of other purple and yellow flowers to sell. The Boonah members bring food dishes for a potluck dinner for volunteers at the end of the “very long day.”

Mother’s Day Posies

A pair of Australian Quota clubs focuses on flowers for Mother’s Day. QI of Townsville, Queensland, assembles and sells colorful posies at a roadside stand, bringing in over Aus.$3,000 in this annual fund-raiser. Meanwhile, QI of Coffs Harbor creates a service project from their bouquets. Club members meet over coffee and cake the day before Mother’s Day to assemble some 550 posies that they bring to local nursing home residents. “It’s a great social event for us and brings a lot of pleasure to elderly members of our community,” notes past club president Ruth Palmer.

Lessons from the Flowers

A recent newsletter from the Quota club of Temple City, California, U.S.A., included a poem appropriate to our floral news:

Lessons from the Flowers

There is a language of the flowers
That cheers and brightens many hours.

A lesson from each flower that grows;
Observe the patience of the rose.

In spite of thorns or drought or pest,
It gives the world such loveliness.

For courage, note the daffodil
That braves the last of winter’s chill.

And homely virtues may be found
In the bright zinnias that abound.

The daisies sweet humility,
The buttercup’s simplicity.

See the dandelion, unselfish, bold,
Wildly circulating coins of gold.

The little pansy’s cheerful face,
Fragrance, color, beauty, grace.

All flowers teach by lovely rule,
Lessons of value in life’s school.

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