Quota Spirit Blooms Where It Is Planted

  • January 26, 2011

Quota Spirit Blooms Where It Is Planted

Quota clubs in Parkes in New South Wales, Australia, and in Sioux City, Iowa, U.S.A., put beautiful gardens on display in a Tour of Gardens for Sioux City and an Open Gardens Day in Parkes. Sioux City Quotarians included flower and vegetable gardens in their tour, featuring everything from barely cultivated wildflowers to climbing roses to “bio-dynamic” vegetables. They also organized a Garden Fairy Market where local vendors sold garden-related items, a GREAT IDEA on its own. Across the ocean in Parkes, Quotarians also opened a variety of gardens to the public, but each one had something special added on, from booths selling jewelry or handbags to morning and afternoon tea. The best part was a strolling a cappella singing group that moved from garden to garden entertaining visitors.

Quota of Tenterfield, also in New South Wales, Australia, focused their efforts on a single garden and a fashion show. The Quotarians and their many guests enjoyed an afternoon of clothes among flowers just in time for Christmas shopping. The best benefit, however, was not the ease of holiday shopping but the funds that went to expand the local nursing home, offering more rooms to the elderly in need of care.

Three other groups of Quotarians built gardens for other community organizations, sharing nature that brightens many lives. In Pawtucket, Rhode Island, U.S.A., the local Quota club connected with the YWCA, specifically to work with their early childhood center and Homestead, a place for single, disadvantaged women. And it was at Homestead that the Quotarians created a beautiful flower garden for the female residents who even took up watering duties during the week to leave only weekend maintenance to Quota members.

Another residential program—this time in Eureka, California—now has a garden built by its local Quota club. Quotarians there worked with Launchpad, a youth shelter for at-risk teenagers, to create a space for vegetables, green plants, fruits, and flowers. Shelter residents take great pride in tending their new garden and enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) of their own hard work and built out of Quota spirit.

In Armidale, New South Wales, Australia, the garden focus wasn’t so much on eating as it was on all five senses. Quota of Armidale built a “sensory garden” complete with garden furniture for Challenge Day Services, a local group working with disabled clients who can now experience nature and the legendary generosity of Quota.

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