“Tea for Two” Raises More Than Awareness in Australia

  • January 26, 2011

“Tea for Two” Raises More Than Awareness in Australia

The old song, “Tea for Two” has a new meaning for the Quotarians of Temora, New South Wales, Australia. In their case, the word “two” refers to the two days when club members delivered morning tea to area businesses. This one-day fund-raiser was so popular its first year, that the “tea on wheels” was spread over two days during its second year.

Club member Betty Brabin cooked dozens of scones while other club volunteers provided jam and cream and made the deliveries. In the midst of the baking, Betty’s trusty blender broke a blade. When purchasing a new one, Betty told the store manager about the Morning Tea Project. Disappointed that his store hadn’t been included due to location, he made Betty promise that next year the club would start at his end of the street.

With over $1,100 raised last year, the group is sure to beat that record this coming year. Barring any additional blender problems, the only difficulty club members foresee is how to keep some of their customers from lining up twice for more delicious scones.

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