2011-2012 Board of Director Nominees

  • December 2, 2010

2011-2012 Board of Director Nominees

Quota International is pleased to present the slate of 2011-2012 board nominees:

President-elect (unopposed)

  • Laura Lahman, QI of Coral Springs-Parkland, Florida, U.S.A.; District 27


  • Linda Morton, QI of Canton, Ohio, U.S.A.; District 6
  • Karen Murphy, QI of Beenleigh, Queensland, Australia; District 30

East Area Director (unopposed)

  • Michelle Fryling, QI of Indiana, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.; District 3

Central Area Director (unopposed)

  • Judy Walthers, QI of Kenosha-Racine, Wisconsin, U.S.A.; District 22

South Pacific Area Director

  • June Dangar, QI of Armidale, New South Wales, Australia; District 24
  • Denise Rowell, QI of Coolum Beach, Inc., Queensland, Australia; District 34

Area director elections are always held via mail ballot. In non-convention years, international officer elections are also held via mail ballot. Candidates running unopposed in any position will be declared the winner at the time of the election of the other candidates. Governance materials will be mailed to voting delegates no later than March 15, 2011.

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