Quotarian Honored

  • October 15, 2010

Quotarian Honored

Quota International of New Haven

Diane Turner, long-time Quotarian and past president, was recently honored for her role in the United Way of Greater New Haven’s 2009-2010 Community Campaign. Diane, an employee of Yale University took the position as United Way’s campaign coordinator after being recommended by Yale Vice President for New Haven and State Affairs. It is noted that she brought her incredible gifts to the campaign and opened doors that had not been opened before. In all, the campaign raised $5.2 million in an extraordinary fundraising environment. In true spirit, Diane called the campaign interesting and extremely challenging and credited the community’s strength in unity for her success. Diane brings the same spirit and dedications to her role as a Quotarian.We in the New Haven club are proud to be her fellow Quotarian and friend. We know the rest of Quota shares in our pride.

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