Quota Darwin Car Park Fundraiser

  • August 21, 2010

Quota Darwin Car Park Fundraiser

Quota Darwin

For over seven years Quota Darwin has been extremely fortunate to have been the recipients of the proceeds of a local market car parking collections. The Paspaley family and the Parap Village Traders Association have been generous in permitting Quota Darwin to be involved in receiving these donations, which have helped many needy individuals and organizations around Darwin over the years. Car park attendant, Bev Burrows, has worked tirelessly for the group every Saturday morning manning the gate of the car park and has become a local celebrity with her outgoing personality and ability to take no rubbish from errant parkers. Sadly the Quota sign was taken down for the last time on Saturday 21 August 2010, as the traders had changed arrangements. To mark the occasion President Jeannie Roberts presented Bev with a gift voucher and good wishes from the group.

Date Taken:
21 August 2010

Jeannie Roberts

Entered By:
Jeannie Roberts

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