2009 Photo Contest Entry

  • August 18, 2010

2009 Photo Contest Entry

Quota International of Flint

In 2007, Lake Fenton School District teacher, Kristen Polk, contacted Quota International requesting information on how to contact Quota of Flint. As a speech pathologist, Polk was familiar with Quota’s dedication to the deaf and hard of hearing. She heard that Quota of Flint established a much-needed program to provide sound field systems in elementary schools. By the time Ms. Polk contacted our club, twenty-nine systems had been purchased for area classrooms since 2003, costing nearly $30,000. Polk was aware of the advantages that sound field systems afforded students. She knew the system provided more effective classroom instruction, increasing the sound of the teacher’s voice, bringing sounds closer to the learner’s ear. She knew the system was easy to use and that the transmitter could be connected to all technical devices used in the classroom. She also knew the outcome: less discipline issues, and students, because they can hear better, stay on task. Polk knew because she used the sound field system while previously employed in a private school. Her current school district did not have the resources to provide sound field systems. In 2007-2008, Quota of Flint purchased Torrey Hill Intermediate School’s first sound field system. A second system was installed the following year, and Quota’s Service Committee is committed to providing a third system this year. Polk extended an invitation to club members to visit the school, in April 2009, to see students using the system. Five Quotarians attended to get a first-hand view of the system in action and to enjoy knowing that their gift is being put to excellent use.

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