2009 Photo Contest Entry

  • August 18, 2010

2009 Photo Contest Entry

Quota International of Suriname

Quota International of Suriname (QIS) and the Kennedy School for the Deaf have built up a special relationship these past years not only because of the funding of several educational projects for the school but more as a result of the sporting event QIS organizes once a year for these pupils between the ages 4 and 18 years .On these events pupils , teachers and Quotarians enjoy themselves outdoors on the field or in the swimming pool playing various games competing against each other individually or as a team. Two years ago we added more excitement to this sporting event by inviting a group of hearing pupils of a neighboring school to join the hearing impaired in the games which was an instant success. Not only did their participation contributed in double the fun but we also succeeded in our effort to stimulate the integration between the hearing impaired and the hearing in a natural way. This year the sporting event was held in March just around the 90th birthday of Quota . The children expressed their gratitude and birthday wishes to Quota by wearing headbands made by themselves especially for this occasion.

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