2009 Photo Contest Entry

  • August 18, 2010

2009 Photo Contest Entry

Quota International of Talisay

The malnourished ward (‘malward’) of Vicente Sotto Medical Memorial Center and its patients are the recipients of Quota Club of Talisay, Philippines’ club-to-club project. Due to lack of space and inadequate medical supplies, the ward can only accommodate 7 children –ages ranging from newborn to 10 years old; these children are considered to be in their severely malnourished state or condition…and Camille is one of them… After the festivities and series of seminars during the recent 15th National District 41 Conference, the international delegates led by Past International President Toddy Silkman, the District Team led by District Governor Caroline Piad and Quota Talisay officers, visited the ‘malward’….Our delegates saw for themselves the sad plight and sorry state of both hospital and patient… Camille is an eight (8) year old girl born to parents who are both jobless, uneducated and living below poverty line; Camille has four other siblings. She was admitted due to severe malnutrition with complications in her pulmonary tract..Inspite of this, Camille seemed cheerful in her own way. Upon seeing us and upon much prodding from her guardians, she managed to give us a heartwarming smile, quite a bit conscious that her picture was taken. And upon seeing PIP Toddy, she slowly reached out her tiny and frail arm as if asking to be carried and touched. PIP Toddy was quite a new and different sight for Camille, what with her tall svelte figure, golden brown hair, white complexion and motherly aura; Camille just couldn’t take her eyes off her….To everyone’s amusement, PIP Toddy was apparently holding a bottle of water which caught Camille’s attention and signaled that she wanted it! This photo not only shows Camille physically reaching out to touch people but also symbolizes every child’s need, want and right to a proper nutrition, a stable home to live in, and responsible parents to take care of her. For a child to have good brain development, he/she must have proper and complete nutrition from birth till 5 years old; Camille may have lost this opportunity, but through constant monitoring of her health, there is still hope….

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