2009 Photo Contest Entry

  • August 18, 2010

2009 Photo Contest Entry

Quota International of Paranaque

The D41 hands-on relief operations on October 5, 2009 in one of the most badly devastated areas in Luzon, the Laguna province was an eye-opener — that in adversities, there are opportunities to share. While coordination with volunteer Quotarians from different Quota clubs in the Metropolis before the “D – DAY” was made, simultaneous coordination was likewise done with various LGUs to help us look for families in Laguna with houses under water who have never received assistance, yielded two barangays in Los Baños, who they said were the hardest and farthest to reach. We saw how pitiful their situation was, but we cannot go in deep water. LGUs assisted us to get the head of the families thru boat and gather them in dry area. We knew we made them happy. Smiles were on their faces. They were grateful. But we knew in our hearts that it will never be enough to families who were badly inundated and will be under water for the next three to six months unless relocated to a more elevated area as the schools where they were evacuated are also submerged in water. There were more, asking, begging to be given goods but we had only a thousand bags to give away. Surely, D41 Quotarians made a difference, we were happy. We wish we could have done more — to share, and to share some more!

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