2009 Photo Contest Entry

  • August 18, 2010

2009 Photo Contest Entry

Quota International of Manila South

On September 26, 2009 typhoon “Ondoy” (international code name Ketsana) inundated Metro Manila dumping one month’s worth of rainfall in just 6 hours. Many have perished, many are still missing and still others left homeless. Raw television footages of the devastation left viewers dumbfounded. But what typhoon Ondoy failed to do was dampen the Filipino spirit. The sudden surge of nationalism triggered by Ondoy’s fury ignited the ‘Bayanihan’ (spirit of service and togetherness) which has not been seen in recent times. Keeping in step with the call for unity and compassion for those in distress, Quota International Manila-South members came together like beacons of light. One text message asking for help was all it took and like the miracle of the loaves of bread and five fishes, donations of clothing, blankets, canned goods, biscuits, bottled water and instant noodles came from all directions, multiplying just as fast as the floods that came. One badly hit ‘barangay’ (unit of society/small community) was Barangay Damayang Lagi who after four days of the disaster had not yet received any assistance. QIMS members ran to their aid and distributed 500+ relief goods which undoubtedly was a respite from their hunger and misery. If the families of Barangay Damayang Lagi were thankful for the generosity and support Quota International of Manila South had given them, little do they know that the Quotarians are more grateful for the chance to share of their selves thus living the spirit and motto of this great organization.

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