2009 Photo Contest Entry

  • August 18, 2010

2009 Photo Contest Entry

Quota International of Beenleigh

The photo shows Charter member and chairperson for the QuoCKa program of the Beenleigh Club Moya McKeon reading to her five very engrossed students. QuoCKa Reading Beenleigh Quotarians have been conducting the QuoCKa (Quota, Cops and Kids reading together) program in local schools for year 2 and 3 students for two years. For some of these children this is the first book they have ever owned. The club involves Quotarians, police and volunteers and conducts a ceremony at parades where students are presented with their own book. The book is read to them and four other students, it has a sticker inside which says whose book it is and who read it to them. The next week on parade they present the duplicate book to their school library and the label says they donated the book to the school library. Schools report library borrowing has increased dramatically especially for the QuoCKa books, and the students are like super stars. Because of the police presence at schools on a regular basis, police and school staff are able to address bad behavior more effectively. Beenleigh Quotarians wear colourful rainbow scarves as their uniform, and if we have them on and students see us in shopping centres or wherever…they always call out QuoCKa and come say hello. The children love the police reading to them as well as male volunteers, all the students call one of the reader’s “granddad.” Very sadly one child asked him what was a grand-dad.

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