2009 Photo Contest Entry

  • August 18, 2010

2009 Photo Contest Entry

Quota International of Iloilo

It is the first time for these boys to own a pair of slippers. Going to school is always a sacrifice walking on bare feet without raincoats and umbrellas in the rain. These slippers became the children’s talk of the day and certainly for many days to come when members of Quota International of Iloilo came with many sizes of slippers to fit all 190 pupils of the far flung Mountainside Elementary School. In their young lives it was Christmas Day in mid October! It was also a special day to compare slippers, their sizes and colors, to touch and feel their textures and designs, and study the strength and durability of the rubber to last for all the school days. It is the beginning of better days walking daily with less discomfort through the several kilometers of rocky terrain in the early morning fog to reach school on time, or trudging home through mud and sharp stones in the whipping rain. It is the beginning of dreams that can come true…to attend school despite distance and difficulties. It provides inspiration and hope that continued schooling will bring in the future the opportunity to buy ones own pair of slippers and shoes and more! It was also a day in young lives pondering the reality that in spite of the rough terrain and remoteness, caring people visited. Indeed to fully outfit each underprivileged child not just with the slippers but raincoats and schoolbags as well. There is much hope for continued schooling!

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