Quota International of Iloilo, Philippines

  • July 22, 2010

Quota International of Iloilo, Philippines


QI International of Iloilo is pleased to inform Quotarians world wide especially our donor friends that the Leganes Resource Center for the Deaf ( LRCD) , world service club to club project has the following enrolees as of June 17, 2010 namely : Kinder I Ralphy Delgado – 27 years old Aldine Jhon Emboltura – 21 years old Kinder II Rollen John Parreño – 9 years old John Paul Valenzuela – 7 years old Grade I John Miaque – 15 years old Angelo Panes – 10 years old John Kenneth Cabural – 10 years old Cherry Rose Divinagracia- 13 years old Alexa Seloterio – 7 years old Grade II John Leve Saban – 17 years old Grade III Andy Jamina – 25 years old Rhoda Mae Diel – 20 years old Archelle Evon Dido – 14 years old Naysa Estorya – 21 years old We are confident that there will be a few more enrollees in the next few days. The funds received from the Club to Club donations pay for transportation of students, extra teacher allowance, training needs of teacher and minor needs of center. This year, a former LRCD pupil named NORLAN JULAYBA has graduated from SPED ISEC High School and wish to pursue a one year course in Consumer Electronics to better his chance of finding a job. His father being a tricycle driver and his mother a laundry woman needed help. The committee decided to help him out because he started studying through LRCD. The funds will help him with 1 year tuition, interpreter and transportation. All the students funded by Club to club funds are hearing impaired . : )

Entered By: Chi Paredes, President

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