QI of Manila South (District 41 Philippines)

  • July 7, 2010

QI of Manila South (District 41 Philippines)


2009-2010 Annual Report Quota International of Manila South Vocational Education for the Hearing-Impaired Students at the Phil. School for the Deaf For the CTC year 2009-2010, QI of Manila South endeavored to meet a wide range of needs of the Philippine School for the Deaf in order to provide / upgrade the tools, supplies, equipment, facilities and services of the school. The following courses directly benefited from our program. Wood-Works Vocational Education course – we provided everything as per the ‘wish list’ of the teacher by donating all new items such as: drill press machine, disc sander machine, grinder machine, cross cut saw, rip saw, hacksaw, coping saw, electric drill, C-clamp, spokeshave, smooth plane, carpenter’s level, file, claw hammers, steel tape measure, chisels, chalk line reel, marketing gauge, screw drivers, palate scraper, caliper, rabbeting plays, crow bar, nail & screw organizer, oil stone, try square, working tables, various kinds of plywood, various sizes of wood, industrial fans as well as other related minor equipment and materials. Garments Trade Vocational Education course – we restored old standard sewing machines, special machines for T-shirt fabric, which included replacement of its wooden body frame, purchased various kinds of new cutting shears, sharpened old scissors, acquired glass display cabinets, 45 new chairs for the students’ use, bought new flat irons, rolls of various kinds of fabric for the indigent students’ projects plus other related miscellaneous items. Welding Vocational Education course – we donated the following: heavy duty impact drill, electric drill, bar cutter, welding machine, industrial fans and various metal products for the needy students’ projects. Computer Vocational Education course – each and every computer was thoroughly checked and reprogrammed as per our annual maintenance plan. Printer ink was also donated. In addition to the above, we repainted all the Vocational Education classrooms at PSD. Furthermore, I’m very happy to report that aside from the CTC funds which our sister clubs worldwide donated, QI of Manila South donated $2,225 to further augment the much needed upgrading of machinery & equipment, etc. We also received a donation of $1,000 from a former Manila South Quotarian. During our 16th DisCon, a flat iron was donated by QI of Whitsunday Pres. Renee Martin and Kerrie McCallum-Coles as well as $50 from D34 PDG/Int’l. Bylaws Chairperson Denise Rowell and members of QI of Coolum Beach. The delegates from Australia, headed by Int’l. Representative Chris Tracey-Patte and PIP Beris Pritchard donated reference materials/patterns for our Vocational Education courses when they visited the Philippine School for the Deaf on 7 April 2010, before our April 8-10, 2010 DisCon in Baguio City. All the three hundred thirty-six (336) students from the 6th grade to 4th year high school at the Philippine School for the Deaf benefited considerably from our 2009-2010 CTC project. The school officials and Vocational Education teachers couldn’t believe that their much awaited ‘wish list’ had finally been fulfilled; and this didn’t arrive in trickles but in entirety. The teachers were almost in tears when they realized that we were serious in granting their requests. The total amount spent for our CTC project for 2009-2010 was notably much higher than proposed. This year, QI of Manila South was very, very fortunate to raise funds to supplement the work plan of our CTC project as well as receive unexpected donations in cash and in kind from friends. Our support for the improvement of equipment, machinery and related items for the Wood-Works, Welding and Garments Trade Vocational Education courses, over and above the maintenance check for computers and replacement of printer ink of the Computer Vocational Education course was highly acclaimed primarily by the entire student body of PSD, their parents, teachers and school officials. Lastly, the members of QIMS strongly believe that if you provide the disadvantaged and the handicapped with the right environment: positive and loving people who surround and nurture them, sufficient opportunities to maximize learning potential, motivation to expand their horizons to achieve whatever it is they want … there are no limits for these unfortunate brethren. This project has truly aimed to fulfill all these and more.

Entered By: Emilie Simon

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