Dolores Brosky

  • June 16, 2010

Dolores Brosky

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Dolores Brosky

PIP Dolores Brosky — Owen Sound, Ontario

Date of Death: 06-05-2010

Quota International mourns the loss of Past International President Dolores Brosky, 74, who died June 5, 2010. She leaves behind three brothers, Dr. Gerry Brosky of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and Joe and Roy Brosky, both of Toronto, Canada. Dolores joined Quota when at a mall she saw a Quota display and innocently asked the magic question, “What’s Quota?” A member invited her to the next meeting and her Quota career began. From then on she became an active member and moved up the ranks, serving as international president in 2000-2001. Her presidential theme, Brighten Our World with Quota, reflected her positive, inspirational view that Quota’s greatest purpose was to help others and to do so with a happy heart. “Just as she saw Quota as a way to brighten the world, she, too, brightened Quota’s world with a ready smile and a twinkle in her eye,” said Quota Executive Director Kathleen Treiber. “She didn’t belabor the ‘small stuff’ in life, but rather used her time and her talent to help Quota achieve the greatest good for others. In focusing on others rather than herself, she lived a selfless life that endeared her to all who knew and loved her, both far and near.” PIP Dolores had an interesting career: she was one of the few women in a male-dominated world of auto parts management. She would attend regional and national meetings and be the only woman present. Rather than being intimidated, she felt perfectly at ease, confident in her professional knowledge and experience and was, in fact, often a speaker at these meetings. Dolores was a world thinker. She loved being a part of an international organization and treasured making friends from throughout the Quota world. At the convention in Brisbane, Australia, while honoring the first anniversary of Quota International’s We Share Foundation, Dolores said, “Working together, we really do make a tremendous difference in the world. Our impact as a group is enormous.” Dolores took great pride in Quota’s service in her community and around the world. Long after her presidency, Dolores continued to support Quota locally and internationally and faithfully traveled to Quota’s conventions. She regularly came to Washington in between convention years to support the new Quota president installed at that time. “I like to think that Dolores’ light will continue to shine through the acts of kindness and gentleness that Quota members express every day, said Quota Executive Director Kathleen. “ I think it would please Dolores to be remembered in that way.”

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