Quota International of Whitsunday

  • February 24, 2010

Quota International of Whitsunday


Quota International of Whitsunday, Inc. Assists Hearing Impaired Students Quota International of Whitsunday has had a very successful fund raising year and as a result the funds raised at two of their functions have been donated to the Proserpine State Primary and Proserpine State High Schools to enable them to purchased 5 Front Row Phonics Sound Systems. Year 6 student Mitchell Laughton is enjoying some of the best school marks of his life thanks to the fundraising efforts of QI Whitsunday and this innovative new system. The club become involved with the Front Row Phonics Sound System through Mitchell when he was a guest speaker at one of their meetings. Mitchell impressed the Quota members with his presentation and they could see that since he has had the audio system in his classroom how much confidence he had gained. As a result QI Whitsunday was keen to give equal opportunities to all students to advance in their studies. The Front Row Phonics Sound system involves the installation of four speakers in the classroom that projects the teacher’s voice to all corners of the room and assists not only the hearing impaired but all students and the teachers as well. A total of $9240 was donated to purchase the equipment. The money was raised through QI Whitsunday’s Annual Whitsunday Wedding Expo and the Villa Botanica Open Garden weekend. Plans are now underway for further fundraising to enable the club to donate these systems to all schools in the Proserpine and Airlie Beach area.

Entered By: Quota Staff

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