PDG Zinnia Dichupa-Yang

  • September 24, 2009

PDG Zinnia Dichupa-Yang

Entered By: Chris Noel Galang — 13th District Conference at Tagaytay City


PDG Zinnia Dichupa-Yang

PDG Zinnia Dichupa-Yang — QI of Iloilo, District 41 — Tagaytay City, Philippines ,

Date of Death: September 04, 2009

41st District of Quota International will miss the sparkling eyes, welcoming smile and prominent red lipstick of PDG Zinnia Dichupa-Yang who at the age of 58 succumbed to the painful wrath of pancreatic cancer last September 04, 2009. PDG Zinnia was the Events Committee Chairperson of the 14th District Conference in Boracay, Aklan as her home club , QI of Iloilo braved accepting a logistically challenging venue last April, 2008. Who can forget the innovative “ Amazing Race? “ PDG Zinnia served the District 41 Team as Lt. Governor to PDG Laly D. Castro from 1996-1998 and served as District Governor from 1998-1999. Her tenure in the district boosted growth and development efforts. To date, two clubs chartered during her term are very much alive in QI of Manduaue and QI of Bacolod. PDG Zinnia was also instrumental in providing Quota banners to some clubs. PDG Zinnia’s membership in QI of Iloilo was marked with her very own brand of “ supportive leadership, “… being always there for everyone. She was a blue-blooded Quotarian and without her, we have lost a champion for Quota’s cause. As we remember her in our hearts, her good deeds in Quota should encourage us to work tirelessly for Quota’s vision…always SERVICE above self and continuous growth of our endeared organization!

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