Quota International of Wilmington, DE

  • May 27, 2009

Quota International of Wilmington, DE


The 75th Annual 10th District Conference was held on May 16,2009 at the University & Whist Club in Wilmington. Members of all four District 10 Clubs attended. Our theme was “90 Years Young – Growing our Legacy”. New District Officers were installed and we acknowledged the wonderful leadership that Governor Hope Marchewka and the other District officers provided over the past two years. We were very excited to have Gwen Jackson, current President-Elect, as our International Representative and Gwen did an excellent job in conducting our “Town Meeting” portion of the event. We congratulate her on her election! Right after lunch we had a surprise guest. A George Burns impersonator dropped in (looks, acts and talks exactly like him)and entertained everyone. He was great! District 10 enjoys the benefit of having all four clubs within driving distance, so we see each other often, and support each others programs and fundraisers. Over the next year (with the help of our District Leaders) we will be directing our efforts to establish at least one new club in the District with our initial focus in the lower Delaware area. It was a great weekend, and Quota International of Wilmington was very proud to host this year’s conference and thanks everyone who attended for their participation.

Entered By: Susanna Mays

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