Norfolk Island Issues the World’s First Quota Postage Stamps

  • January 26, 2009

Norfolk Island Issues the World’s First Quota Postage Stamps

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Quota International of Norfolk Island in the South Pacific is the first Quota club in the world to be featured on postage stamps. A set of three stamps issued in August 2004 marks the club’s 25th anniversary in the close-knit island society. The club chartered in 1979, just two days after Norfolk Island became a self-governing territory of Australia, and maintains a respected role in community service leadership.

In addition to the significant public honor afforded by issuing the stamps, the island government donates a percentage of the sales to the club for local service projects. “A very generous gesture,” noted Quota’s South Pacific Area Director June Young, who, along with 53 other Australian Quota members and leaders, attended the official stamp launch ceremony.

Past governors Peg Whittaker and Phyl Meredith present 25-year certificates to Norfolk Island charter members Carol Yager, Dawn Woolley, Joan Kenny, and Joyce Dyer. Phyl was the club's organizer and Peg was the charter governor.

Economic Boon

Club president Joyce Dyer said the large Quota crowd was a boon to both club and island: “We were ecstatic when such a distinguished group arrived to share our silver anniversary, including the instigator of our club, Past District Governor Phyl Meredith. Plus, it was a really great boost to the island economy!”

Quota leaders meet with government officials at Norfolk Island's Government House: (from left to right) Joyce Dyer, Norfolk Island president; Mrs. Sandy Tamlyn, the administrator; the Honorable Grant Tamlyn; a visiting federal government minister and his wife; President-elect Carolyn Rice; and South Pacific Area Director June Young.

“Australian members who attended this special celebration thoroughly enjoyed Norfolk Island’s hospitality and the chance to visit local shops,” added SPA Director June.

(From left to right) President-elect Carolyn Rice, South Pacific Area Director June Young, Past Governor Peg Whittaker, and Norfolk Club President Joyce Dyer enjoy a beautiful moment in Joyce's delightful garden.

Because Norfolk Island stamps are relatively rare, they generate great interest among philatelists. Distributed worldwide, stamps have become a good source of revenue for this self-supporting territory—and now for Quota service.

To order Quota postage stamps:


One mini-sheet of 3 stamps………………………………..Aus.$3.25
One Stamped First Day Cover………………………………….Aus.$3.75

Payment by credit card (major credit cards accepted) or check (Australian currency only) requires a minimum order of three (3) mini-sheets at a cost of Aus.S$10.00, plus a handling fee of 75¢ on each order.

Send check or credit card information (number, expiration date, name on card) to:
Philatelic Bureau
P. O. Box 95
Norfolk Island 2899

For more information, e-mail or visit


Norfolk Islanders speak a language called “Norfolk,” a blend of Georgian English and Tahitian. Here are a few words to get you started:

Kooshoo Good
Mono-mono Very good
Tin-tola Girlfriend
Whutte-waye? How are you?

Quick Facts about Norfolk Island

1774—Captain Cook discovers uninhabited island
1788—Great Britain establishes penal colony (ends 1814)
1825—Second penal colony (ends 1855)
1856—Descendents of H.M.S. Bounty mutineers and their Tahitian wives arrive
1979—Norfolk Island becomes independent Australian territory
Quota club charters
2004—First postage stamps featuring Quota

Norfolk Island Club Notes

Quota Club charter members still active in the Quota club:
Joyce Dyer
Joan Kenny
Carole Yager
Dawn Woolley

Charter organizer: Past Governor Phyl Meredith

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